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Markham Masters Swim Club is an adult swim club registered under Masters Swim Ontario and Master Swimming Canada. Our Club consists of swimmers aged 18 and over who wish to swim for recreation, fitness, competition or triathlon purposes. We have a large contingent of our membership who have completed many triathlon races from novice (try a tri) to IronMan distance races.
Our membership options provide you the flexibility to sign up for either our 1 day per week (Sunday) program, or for full time (3 days per week). Our coach will provide structured workouts to build on endurance, fitness and speed, working on all 4 strokes. Research has shown that including other strokes and not just freestyle when you are training for a triathlon race has several advantages, including but not limited to helping to avoid injuries and enhancing/working on opposing swimming muscles that don't get used during endless freestyle sets.
If you are training for your first triathlon race, wish to compete, or wish to explore swimming as a method of keeping active then you will be in very good company with our club. Training and racing stories are often retold at our monthly "pub night" which is held on the first Thursday of every month. Come out and see what your team mates really look like without a cap and goggles.

If you are an Adult looking for;

- >A Fun and sociable group to swim with
- >or To improve your fitness
- >or Train for a Triathlon
- >or Compete at the Masters Level without pressure
- >then we could just be the group you have been looking for